With the help of leading Cloud service providers, our application developers and IT architects will help you administer your databases, run and maintain applications, and establish connections that serve your data and your reporting needs. From data imports and data input forms to data processing and all the way to data rendering as reports or other outputs, we accompany you and serve you on an ongoing basis.
    In addition, we help, support and train your internal staff with the administration and generation of reports and their data analysis at cloud-workflows.com.

    We setup and manage customized environments. We build a full scale virtual document center with granularly defined access to various sections and topics. We setup user logins and access logs with detiailed user roles and profiles. We provision user(s) logins seamlessly for employees and others.

    Welcome, I am Otto

    Via Online Timed Transactions and Operations I will be assisting with automating repetitive sequences of tasks around data management. I will be extracting, transferring, loading, preparing, and maintaining any data provided so your team can vizualize dashboards and share insights through custom reporting

    Data Intake and Data Output

    Extract, Transfer, Load, Prepare, Maintain Data

    Every day Otto imports datasets in all shapes and sizes via different methods to be securely stored and processed in the Cloud. He performs checks, timestamps and prepares data as per defined instructions. If anything unexpected comes up, he records such exceptions and emails alerts as required. Any history is available and versioning is maintained.

    Analyze, Visualize Data and Share Reports

    There are many areas where historical data can provide insights and help with derive actionable items. The Actuals vs Plans section will continuously compare various plan versions against historical actuals. Forecast Accuracy monitors how much better are we forecasting in the short term vs further out in the future. Variance Analysis provides a deep dive into where exactly we differ from Actuals in our planning. Sales Trends can be projected with various levels of confidence. The nature and extent of such predictions is covered under Sales Trends. Operations allows deep analysis regarding costing and other operational transactions.

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