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Cloud Based Business Data Processing and Automation

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and I spend my day generating, administering and providing tailored management reports and preparing predictive analytics for finance, accounting, sales and operations specialists. See how custom solutions on cloud-workflows can help your team...Request a demo

What We Do

Tailored Management Reports

Data is increasingly omnipresent in every organization. Applications, databases, spreadsheets, logs, notes etc. Systematically administered in the cloud, such data is many times more useful to managers. We strive to tailored, up-to-date, consistent, correct and complete reports for everyone.

Financial- and management-accounting applications are often complemented by databases, spreadsheets and other data repositories. We manage data-sets on behalf of our clients and deliver automated management reports via our dedicated Intranet platform. With over 700 KPIs we help generate customized views, dashboards, early warning email alerts and reports to everyone in the organization.

Business Data Analysis

With the help of leading Cloud service providers, our application developers and IT architects will help you administer your databases, run and maintain applications, and establish connections that serve your data and your reporting needs. From data imports and data input forms to data processing and all the way to data rendering as reports or other outputs, we accompany you and serve you on an ongoing basis.

In addition, we help, support and train your internal staff with the administration and generation of reports and their data analysis at

We setup and manage customized environments. We build a full scale virtual document center with granularly defined access to various sections and topics. We setup user logins and access logs with detiailed user roles and profiles. We provision user(s) logins seamlessly for employees and others.

How Do We Help

We setup and administer custom cloud solutions

At BRICKBASE we focus exclusively on being the trusted partner of choice regarding the administation of data and rendering management reports for our small- and medium-sized customers. We administer financial- and management-reporting data in the cloud. We customize reporting engines and run day-to-day data management operations on behalf of our customers.

We automate data ingestion, administer databases, prepare custom reports

Cloud Setup

Based on size, industry, team members specifics, and other individual requirements, we setup a secure Intranet-like Cloud Environment tailored to support your current environment. User access roles and profiles are defined and deployed so that access is available as intended from a Browser near you. Workflows and data sets are understood, documented and the new environment is customized accordingly.

Data Intake

In addition to your established financial and operational applications, most likely there are critical spreadsheets and other data repositories that describe the organization’s activities. Systems often don’t talk to each other and data is not aggregated. We import all relevant data in all formats with ease and help visualize a holistic picture.

Define Workflows

There is no high-performance without repetition. We learn what periodic repetitive steps define your critical processes and prepare and schedule data updates and report updates accordingly. We assist in training your team in managing data and related processes and how to setup early warning and other trigger alerts.

We ensure ongoing training and support with data analytics

We are always online and one click away. We respond rapidly and perform and deploy changes as required. If data structures require updates or reports must be re-designed, we respond as needed on an ongoing basis.